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      1. Anhui Expressway A shares (600012)

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        Lowest price:

        Anhui Expressway H shares (00995.HK)

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        • 557KM

          Self-operated highway mileage

        • 3933KM

          The total mileage of escrow expressway is about

        • The first overseas listed stock

          China Highway

        • Anhui Expressway First Road

          Dare to be first

        Corporate Profile

        Anhui Expressway Company Limited (the “Company”) was incorporated on 15 August 1996 as a joint stock limited company in Anhui Province, the People’s Republic of China (the “PRC”). The registered capital is RMB1,658,610,000. 【more】

        Business area

        The principal business of the Company include investment, construction, operation and management of toll roads within Anhui province. The Company acquires operating expressway assets through various means such as investment and construction, acquisition or co-operative ...
        The company actively deploys the intelligent transportation industry. Through equity investment in traffic control information industry companies, with the help of new technological means such as "Internet +", we will integrate relevant resources, expand the...
        Contact us
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